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You're right..you have to do what YOU think is best...YOU are the one caring for him..living with him and loving him. If you think he should be home with you...that is ALL that matters. Just make sure you have options for a break now and then. That is the biggest issue with caring for my mom is not having anyone to take over for a day or two. Mr. Rogers is a lucky man.


Thanks Nancy. I did inquire today about respite care and I might use them later in the spring.
Check out the Visiting physicians for your mom and also if the docs will give her a prognosis of six months ...which you know can go longer. It'll allow fully covered 5 days of respite care. My SiL used hospice when my older brother had heart failure, and told my brother is was to get more services which it does provide. With your mom's recent critical illness ...she may qualify. Also the Bridge program does require patients to be homebound and have a prognosis of about a year, but these things are flexible in my experience.


You've given me some GREAT information with the Bridge program and the Visiting Physicians. I'm checking into both of them!! Can't thank you enough.
If the situation was switched, you would want Mr. Rogers to keep you at home with him as long as possible. Technically, you only have each other and you are each other's EVERYTHING... Technically I'm all my Mom has..I just would never forgive myself if I had her in a nursing home...especially if it were just to make it "easier" on me. I think you've made the right decision..if he were demented, combative, etc... you know.... that would be different. You're getting tapped into all the right services.. you CAN do this... and when you're ready.. assisted living and SNF's aren't going anywhere!!!!
Rich WILL come and help you whenever you need it...and if you need me to do anything, I'd be more than happy to and willing to!! Hang in there!
Thanks for all your info!!!

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