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Both of you must be so exhausted!
I'm glad you are able to get out for a good clay play with Brooke. When changes like this emotional, psychological and physical happen, it hard on everyone, but most for the spouse.

"Mama said, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna git."/character Forrest Gump. Which is probably why I like Whitman's and Godiva chocolates that have the candy identified before you eat them.


Patty..I hope I'm not intruding. This is Nancy. I read this and I hear all the updates about Mr. Rogers from Rich and it breaks my heart to even think of what you must be feeling and going through. It's amazing how the nurse in us can kick things up a notch when we need to be nurses, and how our hearts know that this isn't "just a patient"..this is our everything. I'm praying that things turn around and improve very, very soon. If you need to vent..Rich has 2 ears and I do too!! When one pair gets tire we can switch off!! :)


You surely aren't intruding. Thank you for your very kind comment. Your empathy is showing, and it is a gift shared by some, but not all. I feel you must understand not only because of your professional background, but also because of what you yourself are experiencing with your Mother. You are so right. I can be detached and clinical with most folks, but when it's a loved one....I can't be.
I'm pleased Rich (the younger as he said at one time he wanted to be called....LOL) is available to help during this downhill course. Rich sr is stable for the moment in many of his systems, but they can fail at any time. I don't expect the physical sx will improve, but there is still hope with modern pharmacology that the emotional/mental sx can be greatly reduced. That's my prayer.
Thanks again for thinking of us and welcome to my blog. I'm thrilled to have you read it....although much of it is probably boring to most folks. I have another one...more spiritual and research oriented which I'm sure no one reads...if you want to check it out....go to http://okjus2b.wordpress.com


go to http://okjus2b.wordpress.com

I like it...very thought provoking. Too thought provoking sometimes..but that's good!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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