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It's Nancy again. I promise not to make a habit of commenting but as i read this and all that's going on with Mr. Rogers, I can't help but wonder if this is my future with his son? It doesn't matter, but at least I'll be prepared and maybe understand it better. I know the trials and the exhaustion that comes with caring for a loved one experiencing anxiety with paranoia. It isn't easy, it takes a special person to endure it, Mr. Rogers is lucky he has you there, and so are is children. One of them would have to be dealing with this issue head on if it weren't for you. Try to remember that you need time too..I think the support classes are great, but go out once in awhile with a friend for lunch or dinner. Rich is happy to come over anytime to stay with his Dad. If/when the time comes, I too would come anytime. Even for overnights. You need to take time for Patty...you know that. I can feel your exhaustion through your words. Take care of you, too. I'd be happy to meet you for lunch or something anytime. My mom is coming home today. I'm a nervous wreck..so I'm sure within a week or so, I'll need someone to co-miserate with!


Thanks for translating the **NGH acronymn. I couldn't come up with something for it with the **s.
I honestly don't remember the last time Ed & I went out to dinner for St. Valentine's Day.
I feel sick today because of all the wonderful - I know better- foods I ate yesterday. Fortunately, no pain, I just feel sick like the GI acid/pH is off. I'll be find. Fortunately, I'm still able to turn it around. Personally, I think the "mild" hiatal hernia I had was what caused the acute GI pain in the spring 2011.
Pat, I remember you would go to a school for massage therapy. Is it still available? I thought that would be a good for you all over respit. Right now, cultural events may have to wait a bit for everything to calm down. Would Dick be able to tolerate any?
Good you got to go to the Care Givers Support Group - it'll straighten up it's communication for meetings or you'll fix it. Is there a professional "leader" for the group?
Going to go watch The Green Lantern with Ed. He's home today for electrical fixture service, and a carpet something later today.
Did you know the color for 2012 is a bright orange? I could see a little bit here or there in nick-nacks or fruit to meet the trend - but no way in hell would I consider ORANGE unless I was in Florida!


Please feel free to comment any time about anything. I love to get comments. As far as Rich jr developing some of his Dad's physical problems...I will talk with you about this.

I'm so grateful to have Rich jr back in our lives...we've needed him and now as you know, more than ever.

My other blog is as you said thought provoking, that's why I really don't promote it...not sure anyone would read it...heck, I don't think too many folks read this one.
I will pray your mother continues to improve now that she is back in her own home. You must be feeling much of the same things I am. Being a nurse is a good thing, but sometimes it takes a toll when we are caring for those we love. Your mom is fortunate to have you. Prayers will continue for you both.

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